What's the Pressure?

I was talking to one of my girlfriends, and the conversation was about pressure.  I spoke about this self-imposed pressure  to achieve. Although I was getting my masters. I still felt behind. I felt like there was something more I could be doing, my accomplishments paled in comparison to my desires. She felt like a disappointment because she was pursing a degree that she didn't originally plan to pursue. She felt like she'd given up on her hard science degree in favor of an 'easier' choice...even though she knew God was calling her to make the change.

Fast forward months later, and I'm scratching my head asking "What's the pressure?"
I'm genuinely at a place where I see God manifesting in the big and small areas of my life, and I'm wondering why I ever felt so much pressure.

Why was I worried that things would never happen?
Why was I scared of a future that God promised was assured.
Why was I so envious of other people and their positions in life?

I feel like many of us are constantly dealing with so much pressure, from every side. We face this constant pressing by external and internal forces. I liken the feeling to a balloon that's being blown up and at the same time, someone is squeezing it as hard as possible.

Heather Lindsey wrote a book called the Pressure Trap, and you can find the preorder on her site at Heatherllindsey.com. I don't think it's a coincidence that what's burdened my spirit, would burden hers enough to inspire a whole book.

The point is, we keep setting standards or allowing others to set standards for ourselves that God never gave us. This causes us to be unhappy with where we are. Because we're discontent, we look at others life and accomplishments and are envious. Our envy drives us to pressure our self and set more standards in our life that were meant never for us. Then the cycle continues.
Isaiah 64:8 The Voice (VOICE)

Still, Eternal One, You are our Father.
    We are just clay, and You are the potter.
We are the product of Your creative action, shaped and formed into something of worth.

We break the cycle by first realizing, that we are the product of God's creativity. Sometimes the pressures in life, both self & other serve the purpose of molding us into the design God intends. So yes, pressure is not always a bad thing.

The knowledge that we are the work of God also allows us to Breathe because we know something greater than us is in control. And at the bottom of it, isn't that what pressure is all about?
Pressure boils downs to the fear of failing to meet set standards. If we realize we aren't the boss of us, then we realize that only God can help us meet those standards.

2Timothy 2:20-21 (the Voice)20 Look, in the mansions of the rich and powerful you will find everything from silver and gold serving bowls to wooden containers and clay jars; some are used for special occasions—where honor is important—others are used for more mundane tasks. 21 So tell them, if they will clean up their lives and purify themselves from dishonorable teachings that lead people astray, then they can become honorable vessels, consecrated and useful to the Master, made ready for every good work He has in store

Sometimes the point of pressure is to turn us from vessels of dishonor to vessels of honor.
Hear me out!
You can judge a man, or a woman by how they handle stress and the stresses of life.

While everyone else caves in to the pressure to be 'successful' a certain way, or the pressure to look, dress and act a certain way...will you?

Or will you purify yourself by the word, through the Holy Spirit and allow God to take away that pressure and simply provide direction?

All my love, 



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