The peace that surpasses all understanding

God is amazing.
I look at my life 8 months ago, and I look at it now...and tears well up in my eyes.
From literally cents in my bank acounts, to panicing about my future, to a desperate desire to escape reality......

Now I wake up with joy, pure unalderated joy.
And this joy is not 'happiness', this joy doesn't depend on whether or not my circumstances are favorable.

Car mirror broke...I'm still joyful and smiling
Can't find my dream apartment...I'm still thankful to even be alive
Bills piling up...I'm still grining from ear to ear

no fear, no anxiety.

I wake up with a hunger for the day and a desire to do and be all that God has for me.

It's beautiful thing when all you want to do is give glory to God.

It will always get better when christ is your focus.

I know this is not a typical blog entry, but sometimes It's necessary to reflect on all God has done and continues to do for you.
I appreciate you father God, from the big to the small.

If your struggling with depression, anxiety, fear: enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise Psalms 100:4 . petition your father in heaven for the peace that surpasses all understanding Philippians 4:7. Pray without ceasing and his unfailing love will hear you.

Being ultra silly with my friend Shola.

All my love,