5 Go to Tips for Shopping on the Low

I am the biggest believer in the FACT that looking expensive doesn't have to be expensive.
My bestie always says that they created 9.99 for me. And to be honest, she's right. If something is under 9.99, I about 75% more likely to buy it than not.
I'm not ashamed.
Why am I paying ridiculous prices for clothes or items that I most likely won't wear more than twice a year.
Below are my 5 go to tips for dressing fashionably and shopping wisely.

1. Shop Second hand

Yes, I know. There's such a stigma about thrift stores and second hand clothes.  I'll start by saying all thrift stores aren't created equal. But, if you have the opportunity to shop second hand, then I highly recommend it. Second hand stores typically have high quality standards and low prices. Stores like Platos Closet are intentional about catering to trendy, fashion forward consumers. Platos prices are typically more reasonable than spending $$$ on brand new clothes that may not be worth the mark up.
Goodwill is also a very dope place for rare finds, especially now that vintage is making a reappearance.
Moral of the story: Someone else's 'don't like' can be your 'feel inlove'. There's no reason you should be embarrassed, or hesitant about buying or wearing quality second hand.

2. ROSS, TJMAXX, MARSHALLS are your best friends

Betsy Johnson shoes, $9.99 @ Ross
If you're still scared to try second hand, that's okay (no judgement zone!) I recommend you hit up the next best thing: low price department stores. Stores like Ross, TJMAXX , Marshalls offer quality, name brand items at prices less than the department store. Now that I'm fully adulting, I wish I'd known about these stores in my college years. I buy all my cute home d├ęcor, journals, occasional dresses and skin care at places like ROSS. My favorite thing about low price department stores is the ability to buy name brand, new at cheaper prices.

3. Shop clearance & outlets

You're still too boujie for low price department stores?

Fine Sis, at least shop clearance first. If you're going to go to a mall, and walk into a store, head straight to the clearance section. DO not pass GO, DO NOT collect $200 . It can be work, but sifting through clearance can also be really rewarding especially when the seasons are changing and stores just want to get rid of inventory. I typically buy summer clothes during winter and winter during summer. Outlets are great for designer items at reduced prices.
Pants from Ross, shoes from Charlotte Russe outlet.

4. Price compare on AMAZON

I promise you, there's a high probability that cute blazer you want is listed on amazon for a cheaper price. When in doubt, Amazon it out! That is all.

5. Check out apps like Offerup & Poshmark

I have never personally bought things from either app, but I do have them both on my phone(I'm plotting). Offerup features general items being sold by locals. Poshmark focuses on clothes and accessories being sold nationally. I've heard awesome things about both. I had a friend sell her Louis Vuitton purse on Poshmark with success. I was shopping for a pre-owned Chanel bag the other day, and prices started at $700. Poshmark also offers authentication for big ticket name brand items for free!

I hope the tips are useful! As much as I like looking good like the next person, I also understand that being a good steward of my God given finances is necessary. Spending a ridiculous amount of money to 'look good' is not a requirement. If you have the cash, then more power to you. BUT you don't have to sacrifice style for savings.

At the end of the day, you define what you wear, it doesn't define you!

All my love,