Ya'll let's talk about money

#SheACTS2019 conference was amazing. 85+  women in one room, seeking God.

I hate asking for money.

I know that's a strange way to start off a blog. But that goes to show you my whole attitude towards money.
I hate needing money, but I've been in multiple situations where that was the case. I hate the idea of not being self sufficient, but yet, my whole Christianity has been a process of trusting God with my little.

Ya'll, let's talk about money.

How many of you like it? *raises both hands*
How many of you need it? *raises both hands and both legs*
How many of you willingly give it ……

My love languages are words of affirmation and acts of service. So by nature, I love telling people things that edify them, and  I also love doing things for others.
But, believe it or not, giving does not always come naturally to me.

It wasn't until I became a Christian that God started dealing with me about intentionally giving to others. I mean giving to people who can't give back to me. Giving when I feel like it, and especially when I don't feel like it. Tithing not just when I can afford it, but when I feel like I can't afford.

In this season of expansion, I believe that we will all be tested in our capacity to give. And the temptation will be to say no. Why? The life you live now, and the dreams you have require money. The enemy tempts us with the mentality that if we give to others, we won't have enough for ourselves. When in reality that's not biblical.

2nd Corinthian 9:10
Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.

On the surface it may seem that that verse is talking about plants, it's not. It's talking about the things that God gives us. Seed refers to the resources that God places in our lives to produce fruit. Those resources can be our time, our things and especially our money.

God know we need money, and He also knows that the love of it can kill us because that love is the root of all evil. So how does He solve this conundrum? He created a biblical principle that requires us to give in order to get more. God supplies us with more as we give of what we already have.
So hogging your finances is not how you keep them, giving it away is!

The gesture of giving requires an open hand, and so does the gesture of receiving.
I started off this blog talking about how much I hate asking for money, and can I be frank with you...I don't have to anymore.
Because I've been so intentional about blessing others with what God has given me, I reap the benefits of that in my personal life, from a well paying job to friends and family who financially support me randomly!

This blog is not a PSA to promote tithing, or giving offerings to your church (although I think both are biblical and mandated). It's a challenge for you to get outside of yourself. I'm passionate about people truly living life and life abundantly that Jesus promises us in His word. And we can never get to that point as stingy people.

Now I'm not advising you to give up all you money, but truly, think about the level at which you give.
I know I desire amazing things from my father God. In the same token, I give when He commands, so He can give freely to me.

All my love,


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